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Our Strategy


Identify Your Audience

“A creator needs to acquire only 1,000 True Fans to make a living.” – Kevin Kelley, the founding executive of Wired magazine. Identifying your audience is pivotal in the early stages of an artist developing a fan base. We help identify the key elements in your brand that stand out to those interested in your message. By doing so, we can better optimize your social media channels and drive in the best targeted audience for your music.


Drive Targeted Traffic

With our marketing team experienced in running high budget campaigns for million dollar businesses, you can rest easy knowing that you message will be accurately conveyed. Using our highly sought-after targeting techniques, we build a strategic marketing plan, catering our effective ads to your unique objectives, and our amazing team of designers craft the perfect graphic elements for both your daily content and releases.


Grow Your Brand

Every artist is different. Some artists dream of signing to a major record label, touring the world, and getting lots of radio play, while others are focused on generating the income essential to focusing full time on their craft. Whether it be achieving high streaming numbers, landing sync deals, or getting meetings with major labels, our team has the answers. Get in touch with us to start the next stage in your music career.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

– Lucius Seneca

our services

social media services

Increase views and boost your streaming numbers with highly-targeted advertising and promotions.

pr services

Everything from music publishing to creating your EPK press kit, we’ve got you covered.

design & production services

Stand out online with professional branding, custom artwork, lyric video production, and more.

DRIVE ATTENTION to your new releases!

Work with us today to scale your brand and jumpstart your career.