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Sync Licensing 101

This guide is meant to help you better understand sync deals and how they can benefit you, but it is not meant to replace seeking proper legal counsel. As always, do not sign anything without consulting with a lawyer.  Also known as synch or synchronization… Read More »Sync Licensing 101

Electronic Press Kit 101

An EPK or Electronic Press Kit is a professional resume or curriculum vitae (CV) for artists, bands, DJs, etc. They provide essential information and showcase your talent in the music industry by helping promoters, booking agents. labels, music supervisors, talent buyers, the media, fans, and… Read More »Electronic Press Kit 101

Types of Record Deals

Getting a record deal is something many artists dream about, but what does it mean to “get signed”? The phrase gets thrown around a lot but is just a vague definition for a partnership between a label and an artist. There are a lot of… Read More »Types of Record Deals