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Electronic Press Kit 101: Why an EPK is Vital for Every Artist

What is an Electronic Press Kit?

An EPK or Electronic Press Kit is a professional resume or curriculum vitae (CV) for artists, bands, DJs, etc. They provide essential information and showcase your talent in the music industry by helping promoters, booking agents. labels, music supervisors, talent buyers, the media, fans, and other industry professionals learn more about you and your music. It helps them understand who you are, your accomplishments, and why they should care. A well-made EPK is the most professional way to tell your story, so you can stand out, land opportunities, and make connections. 

Why do you need an EPK?

Electronic press kits are essential to getting good press promotion as well as making a lasting impression. Professionals in the music industry review hundreds of EPKs a day, so making yours stand out is vital to your success. They don’t want to (and most likely won’t) dig online to find the information they need. A press kit makes their job easier by putting all of your relevant information in one convenient place and increases your chances of making a connection. Thus, creating the perfect branded EPK is key in such a competitive space. 

What to include in your EPK?

A great EPK represents who you are as an artist and your brand. So, take the time to define your brand and create a cohesive appearance and feel to help make you press kit successful. Consider what you want to convey. You should include your music, artist biography, promotional photos, branding, relevant media, tour dates, and contact details. This may sound like a lot, but it all comes together to tell your story, increase opportunities, and help get you closer to your goals. 

How to Create your EPK

To put everything together, there are several websites and tools, including templates, to help you create your press kit. In the past, EPKs used to consist of PDFs and multiple email attachments. The process is much more elegant and efficient now by creating a website or page on your artist website dedicated to your electronic press kit. 

EPK Templates & Tools

Resources such as Adobe Spark, Wix, Bandzoogle, Sonicbids, and ReverbNation can help you create your press kit with customizable templates and hosted landing pages. 

Here’s an example of a template for an electronic press kit to give you an idea of how it all comes together.

Electronic Press Kit (EPK) Sample Template for Artists | Seneca Endeavors

Another option is to let someone doe the work for you. Our experienced design team can craft the perfect, high quality, professional EPK to help take your career to the next level. 

Components of an EPK

Including these elements and applying these tips will help you create a press kit that can get you closer to your goals as an artist. 

Links to Your Music

The most obvious and essential part to include is your music. However, the order in which you list your music matters as people will typically only listen to the first few songs. Place your most popular or successful tracks first. You can determine which ones are the best by looking at your streams, purchases, feedback, production quality, etc. Consider linking to mixes that showcase your skills and ability to play for large crowds, such as playing at a prominent venue or festival. Make sure to include the highest quality MP3 file (320 kbps) as well. 

Artist Biography

You should have your biography in your press kit. It should include some background info, music career highlights, and details about your latest releases. Add in something unique about you, and keep in mind media and publications are trying to sell their own product as well. The more interest you can generate, the easier you could lead to an increase in sales, the better chances you have of being promoted.    

You should also craft two bios to serve two different purposes. The shorter bio, essentially your elevator pitch, should be around two to three sentences. Industry professionals are likely busy people and would prefer a condensed version. Use it to make readers curious and want to learn more.

Your longer bio should include more details of your background story. Take this opportunity to tell readers exactly who you are and why you should matter to them. Be clear and concise to captivate your audiences they remain engaged and don’t click off your page. Begin with the most important info, your name, where you’re from, and define your sound. If you are not sure what to say or hav difficulty talking about yourself, you can always have a few people edit it or hire a music writer.

Branding & Logo

Your branding and logo make help make you more easily recognizable in the sea of information online. Your press kit should have every aspect of your brand included, so dive deep into who you are and the feeling you want to create. It can be helpful to define your audience by looking at your streams, purchases, and follower demographics and tailor your brand to your audience.

If you don’t have a logo yet, there are many tools to help you create one that stands out. A good logo should tie into your brand seamlessly and should be memorable, impactful, and easily recognizable. You can also hire a designer to create one for you. Luckily, our design team can work with you to develop a unique custom logo to fit your brand and goals. Be sure to add a scalable vector logo file for promoters and venues to use in promotional materials.

Professional Photos & Album Artwork 

The photos and album artwork you choose will help tell your story and give readers an idea of the kind of artist you are. Consider the vibe and style you want to give. Include images of professional portraits, live shows, behind the scenes, daily life, recording, fashion, etc. 

Make sure to have both downloadable hi-res (300 dpi) images as well as lo-res (72 dpi) versions at least 600 pixels wide. These larger, high resolution images are best shared using a cloud service with sharable links like Dropbox od Google DriveInclude a variety of high resolution vertical and horizontal images. Media outlets, publicists, and promoters may can use a variety of photos for different layouts in things like press releases, flyers, blogs, websites, etc.

High Quality Music Videos

If you have any music videos or recorded shows, be sure to include them in your electronic press kit. High quality videos of performances are useful because they showcases your personality, stage presence, and how you’ll look, feel, and sound if you get booked. A video can increase your chances of getting promoted, even if it’s just a video cover over a shifting image or a lyric video. 

Embedded Links

Make sure the reader has all of the information they need by adding links to your online presence. Before adding them, review your social media pages to ensure your presence aligns with the branding in your EPK. All of these different factor come together to tell your story. If something is out of place, it can make you seem less professional, so make sure to update these assets regularly. 

You will want to link to your social media pages (Instagram, Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc), your official website, merch, and where they can listen to your music. Clearly label your links, avoiding vague phrases like “click here” or “download”. Make them easily recognizable with names like SoundCloud, Instagram, Official Website, Merchandise, etc. 

Press & Testimonials 

Have you been interviewed or featured on industry blogs or media outlets? If you already have music reviews or have been featured in the press, you can use this to your advantage. Include brief quotes, relevant mentions, and links to press coverage. You can also include positive reviews and testimonials from respected industry professionals about you as an artist or your band. This adds credibility, helps build your profile, and increases interest. If you haven’t had nay coverage yet, your EPK will help you get there.

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Add a calendar of any upcoming performances, shows, and events to help promoters know when you’re open and work around your schedule. Anyone who mentions you in the media can also help promote these events, be it radio, blog, podcast, etc. Plus, it could show how busy you are if you are already booking a lot of gigs. 

An updated calendar with your event details also allows music professionals can check you out themselves. You never know who might come to a show given the option, and you don’t want to miss out on potential opportunities.

Contact Details

Make sure to provide how to get in touch with you or your representative’s contact details if applicable. If anyone other than you shares your EPK with a promoter, they’ll have no idea how to contact you. Just make it simple for  the, by adding your email and contact phone number. You can also add a link to your website contact form for inquiries. 

Tech Rider

A tech rider lists your technical requirements for performances so looking agents and venues can better accommodate your needs. Include things like how many mics, speakers, plugs, the stage plot, etc. Make it a downloadable PDF to make it even more convenient.

How to Easily Host & Share Your EPK

You’ve finished creating your professional branded EPK. Now what? Make it readily available by hosting and distributing it. Below are a few different ways to share your press kit.

Cloud storage & file-sharing services

You can actually host your press kit on file sharing service like Dropbox or Google Drive, which make it easy to upload, store, and organize large files. I’s also recommended to share a link to a direct download or a mobile-friendly URL instead of a large .zip file.

Official artist website

Make your EPK a direct download or visible on your website. Or, create a dedicated landing page or add a link to your EPK on your home page. Make sure link is easy to find and visible. This is most flexible and customizable option. Website builders like SquareSpace, or WordPress if you’re a little more tech-savvy, are great for an artist website. 

Online music platforms & promotional services

Use a template to make an effective EPK in a fraction of the time. Platforms like ReverbNation and Sonicbids offer press kit templates, file hosting, data tracking. career management, marketing tools, etc. Sonicbids makes it easy to gather all of your info in one place and submit to promoters. High quality media, organized tour calendar, vanity url to share with fans, and more are included in their templates. There are also limitless gig opportunities thanks to a database of over 20k promoters and booking agents. 

Social media platforms 

Add a sharable link to your press kit across your social platforms, so industry professionals as well as fans can easily stumble upon it. You never know who may visit your social media pages. 

Share printed copies at events

Keep a printed version of your EPK on deck for when you may run into industry professionals. You can also add a link to your press kit, or even a scannable barcode, to your business card if you prefer. 

Helpful Tips & Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Keep your EPK short and sweet. Provide all of your relevant information in a convenient, easy to read, scannable way. Also, make sure your press kit is concise and only include what is relevant . 
  2. Always keep your press kit up to date. It should be fairly quick to update and organize your EPK once it’s all put together.
  3. Include important details and your best work. Make a great first impression by showcasing the best of what you have to offer.
  4. Create an EPK that sets you apart from the competition. Make it eye-catching and unique without going overboard.
  5. Make sure your EPK represents your brand accurately. Be honest and avoid including irrelevant information, exaggerating, or lying.
  6. Avoid attaching compressed file attachments like .zip files to your email. They likely will not even be opened.
  7. Consider file size when sending email attachments. Large digital files can get flagged by their email provider, end up in their Spam folder, or rejected by the recipient. Link to your content online instead such as SoundCloud and YouTube.
  8. Have a printed version or scannable barcode of your EPK with you to share at events. You may run into industry professionals who would like to make a connection and learn more. 


An electronic press kit is one of the best networking tools you can have in this industry. We hope this helped you get everything you need to create your perfect press kit. The first step getting to more bookings, better press, and elevating your career. 

To recap, here’s what you should include in your EPK:

  • Music
  • Branding and logo
  • Photos and album art
  • Biography
  • Music video(s)
  • Embedded links to your website and social media
  • Press and testimonials
  • Calendar of upcoming events
  • Contact info
  • Tech rider

Remember to get creative and highlight what makes you stand out. Consider would make you want to book, write about, or feature yourself.

For more music industry tips and guides, check out the rest of the Seneca Endeavors Blog to learn about the different kinds of label deals and how to distribute your music. We publish new content weekly to help independent artists and labels grow.

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