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How to Get Your First 1,000 Spotify Streams

This guide is meant to help you discover what you can do to help get that initial traction on your music. Read below to see ways to help increase your Spotify streams, grow a following, and gain real loyal fans.

Use Your Spotify for Artists Profile 

Once you get your music on Spotify with a distributor, creating a verified artist profile with Spotify for Artists is essential. This will allow you to manage your profile, access helpful marketing tools, view valuable audience demographics, and pitch your music to playlists. Claim your profile to access Spotify for artists in order to get verified. 

Once you are verified, the blue checkmark next to your name will let your listeners know it’s your official artist profile and that it belongs to you. You will be able to look at in-depth analytics on how your music is doing and valuable demographic information on your listeners. This will be useful for marketing purposes down the line. You will also be able to submit releases to independent playlist curators or Spotify’s own editorial team. Plus, you will have access to new features, artist resources, and other promotional tools for your music. 

Have the Right Release Strategy

Pre-Release Campaigns & Pre-Save Links

Key to generating a buzz around your music, Spotify pre-save links are essentially a pre-order for streaming. Pre-save links allow your music to automatically appear in your listeners’ libraries as soon as you drop a release. This helps get initial Spotify streams right away, which the algorithm loves. 

You can also run a social media advertising campaign to boost interest in your music. One effective way could be targeting fans of an artist with music similar to yours. Run an ad with something as simple as “Fans of (similar artist)?” over a short clip of one of your performances. You could then retarget those who viewed the clip with an ad for your Spotify pre-save link. You might be surprised at how well the right advertising strategy can work for new music.

Submit Your Music to Playlist Curators

Spotify has millions of playlists created by their editorial team, independent curators, algorithms, and listeners. Streaming and playlists specifically have grown to be a replacement for radio for many as it’s much easier to just find a playlist to fit a certain mood. 

There are several things you can do to increase the odds of your music getting placed on curated Spotify playlists. As mentioned, make sure to create and verify your Spotify for Artists account, where you can submit unreleased tracks to Spotify’s editorial team to be considered for playlists. Plus, you can reach out to independent playlist curators, such as SubmitHub, Indiemono, SoundplateSpinGrey, etc. 

Try getting in touch with individuals with popular playlists through email or direct message, asking them to consider your music. You can pitch upcoming releases to music blogs, publicists, and industry influencers. Encourage your followers on social media to listen to your music on Spotify and follow you there. Stay active on social media to help grow your followers as well as streams. 

Keep in mind that in the beginning, it will be more difficult to get on the most popular playlists. They are typically controlled by Spotify’s editorial team or major labels. It will take time and effort to build credibility, listeners, and streams. But as you grow, the algorithm factors in listener activities (plays, likes, shares, skips, add to playlists, etc) rewarding artists with high-performing tracks and engaged following. 

Boost Your Social Media Presence

Social media is key to growing a loyal fanbase of listeners. You can drive traffic to your music on Spotify from your followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, your email list, and even your Soundcloud. There are also Facebook groups for artists to share their own music and give feedback on other’s music. 

Build a Cohesive Brand & Image

Build your online presence to create a curated, refined feel across your social media channels. are sure to include high-resolution images, graphics, and videos. Use the same high-quality portrait as your profile picture on all of your profiles. Match your branding to your releases so fans instantly recognize you from your album artwork and music. Promote your music with branded banners showcasing new releases. Doing all of this will help to establish yourself as a professional artist and add credibility.

Be Consistent

Consistency is essential. Post as often as possible on all of your social media channels. There are many tools that can help you curate your feed and schedule your posts in advance so you can grow your account with ease. Get creative and mix up the kind of content you post with stories, videos, live streams, and static images. Play around with different forms of content to find what works for you. Create content people will connect with and come back to because they know you, relate to you, and vibe with your content.

Create a content pillar so you always have something you can post. For example, it could look something like behind the scenes of you recording on Tuesday, a day in the life on Wednesday, a song cover on Friday, and a live stream Q&A on Saturday. Also, make sure to use relevant hashtags in your posts. Another way to make producing content and regulating sharing updates easier: create long form content that can be turned into various short form content pieces. For example, footage from a live performance or rehearsal can be broken down and edited into shorter clips to share on your feed.

Engage with Your Audience

Engaging with people who comment on your posts and message you can help turn a follower into a real fan. Instagram offers a lot of versatility in how you can engage with your audience. You can add a question for people to answer, polls, and quizzes to instagram stories. Responding to comments shows you are real, and you can also join subreddits to engage with people there.

Another tip: address the individual in your posts by saying “you” instead of “y’all” or “guys.” This helps the reader connect with what you are saying more directly and feel as though you wrote it with them in mind. The more connected they feel to you, the more more likely they’ll to want to keep seeing your posts and engage with them in the future.

Grow Your Following with Email Lists

Email lists are a powerful marketing tool to help promote your music. Your email list is an engaged, warm audience of people that you can grow with the right strategy. Offer something exclusive in exchange for their email. It can be an anticipated announcement, a Spotify pre-save, an alternate version of a track, etc. You can then send updates on new releases, let fans know when your next show is, tours, new merch, and so much more. 

Create Your Own Spotify Playlists

You don’t have to bet on getting on playlists. Create your own instead! Playlists and charts generate the majority of Spotify streams. Though it can be one of the quickest, most effective ways to get millions of streams, it can be difficult to get on the most popular playlists when you’re just starting out. Creating your own can be a simple, fun workaround to help get more streams and followers. Here are some tips to keep in mind when making personalized playlists. 

Feature other artists’ music along with your own tracks

sharing your playlists and supporting other artists can lead to your music being shared or featured on their playlists or on their social media

Update your playlists regularly

Change them up by removing or adding songs every week or two. This can help increase engagement as well as attract listeners to your profile, resulting in more streams & followers. 

Pin playlists on your profile with Artist Picks

Share them across your social media pages. Give fans a look into what music you’re currently listening to, recommendations, or feature a playlist with one of your tracks. 

Add a custom graphic and unique name to your playlists. 

Get specific within niches such as moods, moments, etc. You can call them something like Current Mood, Summer Vibes, Oldies but Goodies, or Late Night Takeout. There are many free and paid tools to help you create your own graphics, or you can always reach out to a graphic designer.

Use Your Artist Website To Your Advantage

Embed a Spotify Follow Button on Your Artist Website

Simply copy the Spotify Follow Button widget HTML and paste it to a webpage. Potential fans can then click the button to follow your music and Spotify artist profile. This is a great way to increase streams as well as exposure to a wider audience. Fans then get updates when you release new music or play events near them.

Embed a Spotify Play Button on Your Artist Website

A Spotify Play button allows fans to easily listen to your music from your website or social media page. You can create different Play buttons for individual tracks, albums, playlists, and artists. These widgets are compatible with any website that you can edit with HTML. Just copy and paste a brief segment of code onto any webpage to embed.

Embed Your Curated Spotify Playlists on Your Website

Promote curated playlists with Spotify Play buttons. Support other artists which could return the favor down the line. Regularly updated playlists increase engagement and can increase the connection your fans have with you.

Share Your Spotify Link on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Share Spotify links of an individual song, playlist or album. Posting a link on your Facebook page generates a 30-second preview or a 15-second clip on FB Stories. Fans can listen to the rest of the song by tapping on the preview to go to Spotify. Twitter generates a playable audio card when you share a song link. Both you and your fans can share Spotify, tracks, albums, playlists, and artist on Instagram that link to the Spotify app. Social media makes it easier than ever to share your music.

Use Scannable Spotify Codes

Similar to QR codes, scannable Spotify Codes can be shared just about everywhere online. Spotify Codes can be created for individual songs, albums, playlists, artist profiles, and brand profiles. Share these codes on social media, websites, and wherever you can embed a Spotify URI code. Using the built in scanner on the spotify app, fans can easily check out the code’s destination without having to search. This is especially useful when starting out, as you may not rank as high in search due to limited following and track plays.

Use Link Trees & Deep Links to Increase Conversions

Link trees allow you to host all of your links to your social media pages, artist website, artist profiles on streaming platforms, merch, upcoming events, EPK, etc. You can customize them with your branding, a short bio, and high-resolution profile picture. This makes you appear more professional online. Link trees allow both fans and industry professionals to find what they are looking for in one convenient place.

You can also implement deep links, which are links that redirect to the mobile or app version of a website. Think of all the times you’ve clicked on an instagram link on your phone only to be taken to a mobile browser window where you’re not signed in on Instagram. Most people aren’t going to take the additional effort to got to the app and search a username, especially if this is their first time checking out an artist. Deep links allow you to convert those people who would’ve lost interest. They allow them to actually get to your profile where they’re signed in on the app and where they can follow you.

Look For Unique Placement Opportunities

Small Bloggers, Podcasts, Local Events, Networking

Blogs are a great way to get your music in front of people who are already interested in the genre. You can use SubmitHub to pitch to blogs by preparing a professional promotional package with your press release, press shots, artist biography, and track. You can also try reaching out to small or local podcasts, events, and network to get your music featured. Look for brands you could collaborate with, such as local magazines, clothing companies, and other independent companies. Keep in mind who would suit your theme and could benefit from partnering with you to create content.

Support Other Artists

Support other artists and their work by sharing their playlists or tracks you like. This helps your fans get to know you better along with what you’re listening to. Collaborate on content with other artists to help reach a wider audience. Who you can work with depends on where you’re at in your career, so start by reaching out locally.

We hope this article helped shed some light on boosting your streams. It can be difficult to get those first thousand plays, but with the right strategy, you will get there in no time. It’s important to be patient, stay positive, and keep working towards your goals.

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