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Project-driven initiative focused on giving artists access to industry-leading marketers that specialize in bringing millions of views to award-winning, national campaigns.

Our Strategy


Identify Your Audience

“A creator needs to acquire only 1,000 True Fans to make a living.” – Kevin Kelley, the founding executive of Wired magazine. Identifying your audience is pivotal in the early stages of an artist developing a fan base. We help identify the key elements in your brand that stand out to those interested in your message. By doing so, we can better optimize your social media channels and drive in the best targeted audience for your music.


Drive Targeted Traffic

With our marketing team experienced in running high budget campaigns for million dollar businesses, you can rest easy knowing that you message will be accurately conveyed. Using our highly sought-after targeting techniques, we build a strategic marketing plan, catering our effective ads to your unique objectives, and our amazing team of designers craft the perfect graphic elements for both your daily content and releases.


Grow Your Brand

Every artist is different. Some artists dream of signing to a major record label, touring the world, and getting lots of radio play, while others are focused on generating the income essential to focusing full time on their craft. Whether it be achieving high streaming numbers, landing sync deals, or getting meetings with major labels, our team has the answers. Get in touch with us to start the next stage in your music career.

DRIVE ATTENTION to your new releases!

Work with us today to scale your brand and jumpstart your career.


Social media campaigns are the FIRST step to getting recognition and are absolutely essential to getting physical management. Growing your fan base can make or break your success. Though artists are always looking to get bookings, it should not be the main priority if you want to increase your revenue. In this modern era, everything is moving to digital, and you will make over 80% of your money online. Let our team create a custom plan for you depending on where you are and where you want to go. So, which track will you take?

Track 1

1. Social Media Campaigns and Growth
2. Playlist Placements
3. Blog Placements
4. Artist Management and Physicality
5. Features and Collaborations
6. Bookings and Shows
7. $$$$$$$$$$


1. Bookings and Shows with no fan base
2. $$

featured services

ADS & Promotions

Want to reach millions of people without management? This is exactly what you’re looking for. Using industry-leading marketing strategies, we can promote you to your perfect highly-targeted audience.

Epk press kit

Showcasing your work with an up-to-date electronic press kit is essential for landing the best opportunities. We’ll create a professional custom branded EPK that you can use to pitch to labels, managers, and use for all marketing purposes. 

Organic Growth

We can exponentially increase organic followers and engagement through ultra-specific niched campaigns. Inorganic follower growth, such as paying for bots, in many cases can ruin accounts. We specialize in helping you grow the right way.


Our team has you covered with logo design, social media branding, artwork design, merchandise, and everything in-between!

why our clients love us

Long term results

Our proven marketing strategies will bring you the results you need to reach the next stage in your career. We provide real and active engagement with your perfect highly-targeted audience.

marketing from anywhere

We provide our services remotely with ease, and without the overhead of larger companies, our prices are extremely competitive. Our highly dedicated support team is readily available to resolve your issues.


We provide innovative social media marketing services that leave a lasting impression on our clients and build healthy relationships. From branding to advertising, our work and referrals speak for themselves.

higher rankings

Using our state of the art search engine optimization (SEO) methods, we are able to consistently improve your digital presence, increasing followers, boosting streaming numbers, and driving targeted attention.


We always want to ensure our services are the best fit for both parties before getting started. We tailor each contract to the individual and work out the length, services needed, and payment options.


We guarantee your information is safe. We will never disclose private or sensitive client information nor sell to any third parties. Discretion and client satisfaction is our top priority in everything we do.