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Grow your brand online

Online music promotion & marketing that works! Boost your streaming and revenue with highly-targeted advertising using industry-leading marketing strategies.

social media services


With changes to the algorithm, your posts must be gaining popularity before they can be seen by your followers. We aim to rank your posts within the explore page by running ads, boosting your SEO, and increasing your engagement across social platforms.

Instagram Marketing

Focus on your daily content while we drive targeted traffic to your account. Our campaigns get specific to the type of followers you want to attract using powerful targeting strategies.

Youtube MArketing

We drive REAL Youtube views to your videos, increasing likes, favorites, comments, etc. We help you get more genuine engagement, add new fans and increase your royalties with our promotion.

Spotify Promotion

Our Spotify campaigns drive in followers, plays and increase your brand awareness. Get the attention you want, earn more money from your music, and build your brand! 

soundcloud promotion

Every artist requires a different approach. We review your channel and create the best strategy for your music to increase followers, plays, and engagement. 

facebook Marketing

Our team will help you get real followers, views, and engagement and get your posts ranked to the top of “Popular Posts” in the newsfeed. Get immediate credibility and increase your brand awareness. 

twitch promotion

We’ll help you increase followers and live viewers so you can rank in popular posts for all of their gaming needs. Having an engaged Twitch audience is vital to your gaming and streaming success.

tik tok promotion

We drive underpriced attention for your target audiences, making each campaign unique to the artist, goals, and ideal fanbase. We’ll help you rank higher on certain hashtags ensuring organic and algorithmic growth.

twitter Marketing

Increasing followers, likes, and retweets can boost your brand exposure. Having a large, engaged fanbase can trigger the “bandwagon effect,” resulting in rapid and exponential growth.